Monday, November 3, 2008

Yet another wheel!

Well, I did it. I got yet another wheel. To the left the new guy, a Fricke DT folding wheel. To the right my Fidelis. Cute little guy in jammies...none other than Aidan who never misses a photo opt! I just got my Fricke in from who was so kind to send some of her yummy handpainted roving. She was kind enough to answer all my questions, and excels in custumer service! Thanks Amy! Now I have 2 great wheels to spin my little heart out! The Fricke is wonderful, and I love the ease of treddling with the double treadles. I also am loving the scotch tensioning...sweet. I still love my Fidelis, and have no intentions of parting with it, but I wanted something I could fold up and take to Yarn school in Kansas next year.

Here youcan see I already have some Llama going on it, it spins really fast! I really love the idea of having two wheels to spin on now. It'll be really handy for when I have a couple of projects going, like I already do!

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