Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh gee, I started yet another project!

See the pretty Baywood Hand dyed yarn Joanne from Baywood Yarns sent me for doing a survey? Isn't it pretty? And it's sooooo very soft. I choose the color for Aidan, my grandson. I thought I'd make him some socks and maybe a cap. Yeah, you know what I did. I couldn't stand it and cast on last night. I have a mystery light shawl clue 1 to start too! Yikes, I am simply going to have to knit faster.
But in my defense is a pic of Aidan at the park today. Now who couldn't resist knitting this darling little boy a pair of socks and a cap? Not this Nana, he's my boy!

And thus far the Baywood yarn is really knitting up nice! I've got it on 2 size 1 circs. The colorchanges are soft and muted, and I'm definitely going to have to order some more from her.
Well, eventually I'll be posting some complete projects. I'm knitting as fast as I can!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mohair Fan and Feather Stole started.

Ok, I found a neat pattern in Knit Picks for the Fan and Feather Stole for the mohair I bought at Jennings Street Yarns. Nice this is really a nice easy pattern! Only one row you really have to think about. The 1st,2nd,and 4th row is either knit or purl straight across. The 3rd row that you have to think about is really an easy pattern that you can remember without carrying the instructions around. What do you think? I love, love the colors. Is it for me, or shall I gift it? I'm hoping I have enough yarn to do two maybe? I love fuzzy Mohair, it's soooo pretty! I have some Suri dreams from knit picks that almost looks like mohair, but much softer. I'm thinking about doing an afghan in the same pattern for my bed. I love knitting, so many yarns, so many patterns!

Ok, I'm am neglecting my Clapotis. But only a little. See, it's growing! I'm a Gemini, I get bored easy. Ahh, but I'll finish it, I am determined! I know I'm not the only one with a pile of ufo's, from what I understand, it's part of the knitting disease. UFOs, growing yarn stash. Yes, I am becoming a knitting addict!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ok, so I'm fickle!

Ok, regarding the Mystic Light KAL and my yarn choice. To your left, my swatch in Bamboo. I went down a needle size and I'm really loving how it looks. To your right, my yummy mohair I just purchased. Well, I love the way the drop stiches look in mohair, the fuzziness of it all, but I wasn't happy with the way the cables turned out. The cables get lost in the fuzz. Notice they are in the same colorway? Yeah, I am a creature of habit. I really love the colors. Anyway, after buying all that mohair, I love the bamboo after all. Will I return the Mohair? No way! I really love it and I will just find something else to do with it. I have 720 yards of it, I'll figure out something! Something lacy, and definitely a shawl. Anyone with a good idea, let me know.

This KAL has really been a challenge. I'm learning to read a chart, and this is my first cable stitch ever! Notice I didn't say how many times I frogged it? Let's just say it was a few times and leave it at that. For the shawl, I am definitely using a bunch of life lines. (Also why I'm not using the mohair, I've discovered Mohair is not frog friendly.) I'm not a real experienced knitter I admit, but no guts, no glory. I am determined to complete this KAL!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yarn Snob?

Oh, Oh! There, I said it! Yarn snob! Now just how did this happen? Me who abhores above all, snobbiness? I pride myself on practicality, and simpleness. You won't find diamonds and jewels in my jewelry box. I drive a Nissan Frontier,(Yes, if I find a steal at a problemo!) I usually dress in jeans and a tshirt, but I do have some dressier shirts if needed. Most of my wardrope consists of scrubs. But there I was at Hobby Lobby, sticking my nose up at...cringe...
acrylic yarn.

Ok, here is what instigated it. I'm on the Yahoo group for the Mystic Light Shawl. I had some Bamboo yarn that I thought would be lovely, but didn't necessarily love the swatch I made. So off to Hobby Lobby because the LYS is not open. Um-hmm. The only fingering weight yarn I find is either acrylic or cotton. Not what I had in mind. No to dis any advid acrylic yarn lovers out there. I have a store bought acrylic sweater I wear constantly and it's like a timex, takes a licken and keeps on ticken. In all due fairness to me, could anything feel nicer than knitting with a nice Alpaca wool or that special yarn with a bit of silk? Do we not pain stakingly look for that all so special yarn to take home that we ooooo and ahhhh over, petting it gently?

Yeah, I was at the LYS as soon as I woke up today. Got there just at closing time. I really love Jenning's Street Yarn! Now you talk about falling over yourself to help you find the perfect yarn! They truly understand, it's not just a yarn purchase, it's an investment in perfection/love. Linda took the time to find out what I wanted and what for, my color preferences and tastes. She poured over all the possibilities and patiently allowed me to make my choice. She didn't just try to rush me out the door, or try to sell me the most expensive thing there. She was more concerned I loved my selection, and even did a project cost comparison of the different yarns I was interested in without my having to ask. Hey now, that's service! They are even patient with my over active grandson. No, you just don't get that kind of service at Hobby Lobby, now do you? Nor do they lovingly wrap your yarn in tissue. I love this shop! They have a little knit together every 3rd Sunday too. I've went once and plan to keep going. Someday when my schedule at work straightens out, I'd love to take some classes too. (No, Linda didn't pay me for this ad. They just really give great service.) There are other nice shops around me too, but this one is just extra special. I can go there in my jeans and tshirt, no make up and yeah...basically a mess, and get the same treatment I'd get if I went in all decked out. (Just because I look dirt poor doesn't mean I don't have yarn money!)

Back to the point, I purchased a yummy Mohair, fingering weight yarn that, surprise, is the same basic colors of my bamboo yarn that I love. I am now knitting the swatch, and I love it! Wow, my first experience with Mohair. I never knew! And hey, I was thinking maybe a shell with bamboo yarn with a matching Mohair shawl! They colorways are that close!

Doesn't anything beat the perfect yarn? I don't think so...well, besides my grandson Aidan. Nothing beats him!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Past completed objects.

I thought I'd post some my other complete projects. First is Aidan in his bamboo yarn hat and booties.

Then there is his strawberry hat. It doesn't fit anymore either, but I have it put up to show him someday! I'm thinking about doing him a meathead cap. (Looks cuter than it sounds.)

So far I'm still working on my clapotis. I'm on the 7th repeat of the straight rows. I'm also knitting some hand dyed yarn for a needle case for my Harmony double points.

I bought some Bare bulky weight from Knit Picks and some Jacquard Acid dye. And used the instructions from this blogspot:
And this is what I got. I love it! And it was so much fun, I bought enough yarn for my daughters to dye. Check out my daughter's yahoo group:
Anyway, I plan to felt my needlecase and am basically following the pattern in the book, Fabulous Felted Hand Knits by Jane Davis; knitting needles case on page 72.
I can't wait to post the finished product! I think once felted, the colors will tone down some. If not, I still love it.
Well, that clapotis isn't going to knit itself, now is it?