Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hand Knit Hand Spun!

Finally got around to using some of my hard earned handspun yarn! First up is Averie's Hat. The grey yarn is a angora/corriendale blend for ultimate softness. The accent colors are california red in baby blue and purple. The red is some handdyed SSS fibers. All were Navajo plied in fingering weight. The pattern is from Knit Hats! by Gwen Steege, in the Color Me Bright pattern. The only changes made in the pattern is using size 6 circs instead of the size 10, to compensate for the fingering wt yarn and finished size.

It was my first color change project and I can knit both continental and throw, I was able to knit with 2 yarns at the same time. It went easier than I thought it would and it was a fun pattern. I really love the icord dangles on the hat! Averie does gives him something to grab as he's pulling off the hat! Leave it to me to knit a hat with the hot summer months approaching! But I did make it big enough to allow for growing and hopefully when it's cold, it'll still fit! Isn't he a sweetie! This is one cuddly baby!

Next up is Addi's leggins. I had recieved a gorgeous batt in a swap from my friend Beth. I spun it into some nice fingering weight, Navajo plied.(I really love Navajo hides a multitude of sin in those 3 plies!) I couldn't find the pattern I wanted, so I made up one. It's a simple fan pattern with simple repeats.
Addi's Leggins
On size 6 DP, I cast on 42 stitches and spread on 3 needles with 14 stitches each. Join. I did a simply K2,P2 ribbing stitch for 1 inch. Problem is, you wind up with the 2 K2 at the beginning and end with K2 at the end, so you have 4 knit stitches together. I couldn't figure out a fix, and it really doesn't show unless you want to nitpic. Anyway, the pattern is as follows:
Row 1- K1 , (Sl1, K1,PSSO,K9,K2tog) x 3. 12 stitches on each needle.
Row 2-Purl
Row 3- K1, (Sl1, K1,PSSO,K7,K2tog) x 3. 10 stitches on each needle.
Row 4- Purl
Row 5- K1, Sl1,K1,PSSO,YO, (K1,YO)x5, K2tog. 14 stitches on each needle.
Row 6- Knit.
Repeat rows 1-6 10 times or until you reach the desired length.
Complete another inch of K2,P2 ribbing and bind off loosely.
There you go! My first original pattern. Addi doesn't care for the leggins unfortuately. (Think it's because...Gee Nana! It's hot outside???) She's more impressed with Nana's yarn balls!