Monday, November 17, 2008

Here we dye again Part 2-Crock Pot Dyeing with a New Twist.

Ok, first we took 1 lb of Targhee top, and braided it in 3 foot sections. (Look in previous post for braiding instructions.) I took the braids and presoaked in a sink of hot water with a glug of vinegar for good measure. (If you want to be nit picky...1/2 cup of vinegar...) I mixed up 1 tsp of Jacquard Acid dye in my 8oz squeeze bottle with hot water half way, the other half is vinegar. The color is Sky Blue.

I drained the braids and randomly squeezed the color onto the wet braids. The color doesn't seem too intense here, but don't worry...Jacquard always brightens with heat.

l I then layer my braids into the crock pot. I got a tip on Ravelry to sprinkle dry dye onto the wool and layer it. So with Country Classics acid dye in Lilac, I use a old baby spoon, and sprinkle dry dye onto of my layers of braids. It doesn't look promising here, does it...just wait! I probably used a total of 3 teaspoons of dry dye total.

LOOK what happens when I add boiling water with a cup of vinegar mixed in!!! Surprise! WOW,
was that a great tip or what? It's like magic, the powder uptakes at different levels in the fiber, and different intensities. I took you this was neat!

After cooking on high for 1 1/2 hours, this is my end result! I LOVE IT! And see how the Sky Blue intensified?

After cooling and a gentle rinse in a sink of cool water, here are my braids drying. This techniqe is worth exploring more!! I see more fiber in my future! I definitely am going to try doing all dry to wet next time!


Marit fp said...

those are gorgeous! would that I had time to play...oh well, it'll have to wait until February.

(also, if it's not creepy stalkeriffic, but I saw a comment of yours on the YH's blog, and if you do end up getting that kitchenaide, I'll trade you! I've been lusting for one since I moved away from my mom's.)

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thanks! I have 5 more lbs of fiber coming in to dye!!! I'm in dyeing heaven!!
As far at the kitchenaide goes, that would give me two of them! The old one is working just fine! I just might be up for a trade!