Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ok, I know the clapotis pattern has been out quite awhile, but let's just say it's new to me. I am really enjoying this one. I knit like crazy so I can get to the drop stitch row. There is just something very satisfying about dropping that stitch on purpase! I'm using Trendsetter Tonalita, and I really enjoy knitting with this yarn. I love watching all the rows of color as I knit along. Got the yarn at Jenning's Street Yarns.

I just got my Knit Picks Harmony set in! Woo Hoo! You know, the pics just don't do them justice at all! They are beautiful, and so smooth. The points nice and sharp. I ordered two sets, plus two of the 15 & 17. I also ordered the double points. (Yes, I splurged big time!) But it's the last set I'll ever have to buy, so I felt it was well worth it. I have the Options set, and already love them. I don't really knit with anything else.

I also got some new yarn. First up in Cherry Hill Oceania in Country Garden. Yummy! I want to either knit a lace shawl or the Fan kimono pattern in Vicki Square's book, Knit Kimono. (I'm half japanese and have a kimono fetish!)
I also got some Knit Picks Suri Dream in Hand dyed Wildflowers. It's soooo soft and cuddly! I got it because I thought it was pretty, and it has surpased my expectations! I love Knit Picks, can you tell?

And my last show and tell is my Fibranatura Oak in Icee. It's really soft to the touch too. This maybe for a present, so I'm not telling. I purchased this yarn at Jenning's Street Yarns, the best yarn shop in Fort Worth!

Well, off to work on my clapotis, and then to start Aidan's jacket sleeves.