Monday, November 17, 2008

Here we dye again!!! Dyeing Bamboo

I had 1 lb of silky bamboo top that I wanted to dye. Everything I researched said because it is a cellulose fiber, you had to use a fiber reactive dye. Someone suggested Dylon, so I got Ocean Blue and Bahama Blue. The directions said to use 4 tablespoons of salt with the dye in sink of warm water. I did mine a bit different.
First the bamboo fiber. I heard that it can separate and it's better to braid the fiber first. So I tore off 3 foot sections and braided it up.(
This is the youtube link for Rexenne showing how to braid roving in case you don't know how.)
To a sink full of hot water, I added 4 heaping tablespoons of salt. Mixed very well, then added my braids. I mixed half a package of the Bahama Blue to another container, and dissolved it in hot warm prior to adding into the sink. Look how pretty the blue is! I let it set for over an hour.
I took the braids out of the dye, letting it drain a bit. I did NOT rinse. Don't rinse yet!!!
I took the Ocean Blue and mixed 1/2 a package into my 8oz squeeze bottle with 2 heaping tablespoons of salt. Fill the bottle up.
I then took this color and squeeze some onto the roving, careful not to oversaturate. I'm looking for a graduated color. I then let this color set for an hour.
I rinsed this in sinks full of cold water. I didn't run water over it...DO NOT RUN WATER OVER YOUR FIBER!!! You'll get a felted mess! I added the dyed braids into the sink full of water and gently pushed the fiber into the water. Do not over handle, or squeeze too much! I just picked the fiber up out of the water, and let it drain. It's on the drying rack now, and I'm very pleased with the colors. Very brilliant!

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