Monday, November 17, 2008

Here we dye again Part 2-Crock Pot Dyeing with a New Twist.

Ok, first we took 1 lb of Targhee top, and braided it in 3 foot sections. (Look in previous post for braiding instructions.) I took the braids and presoaked in a sink of hot water with a glug of vinegar for good measure. (If you want to be nit picky...1/2 cup of vinegar...) I mixed up 1 tsp of Jacquard Acid dye in my 8oz squeeze bottle with hot water half way, the other half is vinegar. The color is Sky Blue.

I drained the braids and randomly squeezed the color onto the wet braids. The color doesn't seem too intense here, but don't worry...Jacquard always brightens with heat.

l I then layer my braids into the crock pot. I got a tip on Ravelry to sprinkle dry dye onto the wool and layer it. So with Country Classics acid dye in Lilac, I use a old baby spoon, and sprinkle dry dye onto of my layers of braids. It doesn't look promising here, does it...just wait! I probably used a total of 3 teaspoons of dry dye total.

LOOK what happens when I add boiling water with a cup of vinegar mixed in!!! Surprise! WOW,
was that a great tip or what? It's like magic, the powder uptakes at different levels in the fiber, and different intensities. I took you this was neat!

After cooking on high for 1 1/2 hours, this is my end result! I LOVE IT! And see how the Sky Blue intensified?

After cooling and a gentle rinse in a sink of cool water, here are my braids drying. This techniqe is worth exploring more!! I see more fiber in my future! I definitely am going to try doing all dry to wet next time!

Here we dye again!!! Dyeing Bamboo

I had 1 lb of silky bamboo top that I wanted to dye. Everything I researched said because it is a cellulose fiber, you had to use a fiber reactive dye. Someone suggested Dylon, so I got Ocean Blue and Bahama Blue. The directions said to use 4 tablespoons of salt with the dye in sink of warm water. I did mine a bit different.
First the bamboo fiber. I heard that it can separate and it's better to braid the fiber first. So I tore off 3 foot sections and braided it up.(
This is the youtube link for Rexenne showing how to braid roving in case you don't know how.)
To a sink full of hot water, I added 4 heaping tablespoons of salt. Mixed very well, then added my braids. I mixed half a package of the Bahama Blue to another container, and dissolved it in hot warm prior to adding into the sink. Look how pretty the blue is! I let it set for over an hour.
I took the braids out of the dye, letting it drain a bit. I did NOT rinse. Don't rinse yet!!!
I took the Ocean Blue and mixed 1/2 a package into my 8oz squeeze bottle with 2 heaping tablespoons of salt. Fill the bottle up.
I then took this color and squeeze some onto the roving, careful not to oversaturate. I'm looking for a graduated color. I then let this color set for an hour.
I rinsed this in sinks full of cold water. I didn't run water over it...DO NOT RUN WATER OVER YOUR FIBER!!! You'll get a felted mess! I added the dyed braids into the sink full of water and gently pushed the fiber into the water. Do not over handle, or squeeze too much! I just picked the fiber up out of the water, and let it drain. It's on the drying rack now, and I'm very pleased with the colors. Very brilliant!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freshly spun up!

First up is Aidan...he loves riding on the Merry Go Round! Look at that smile! We get the all day pass because he likes to go at least 8-10 times before he'll get off without a fight!
This is the Sari Silk plied with the black wool I dyed. Doesn't the black just make the colors pop? I really love this and plan to spin enough for a kimono jacket. This is the Sari Silk I got at

This is the sample I got from . I really love the blues in this. It's really super soft and spun up like butter.

Last but not least the wool I dyed up in the crock pot. It's double plied and is 11 wpi. It's the wool I got from . Boy, it's sooo reasonable, I'm going to order 5 bls next time. Anyway, it's hard to capture the true colors, but the brown,red,and golds blended together and I love the effect. The red/gold reminds me of a goldenrose color, and the color changes are graduated. I can't wait to see this one knit up!
In the mean time, I'm still trying to get some of my other projects finished before I start any new ones. I have my Sante Fe Ruana, and the mohair fan/feather shawl to complete. Plus a couple of other things. I've spent so much time spinning, I haven't been knitting enough, and that was the whole purpase of learning to spin!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Crock Pot Dyeing!

Ok, this time I won't go into so much detail. I did a multi color dye in the crock pot. I used Country Classics acid dye in gold and chestnut, and Jacquard's acid dye in fire red. I mixed the Country classics at 2 tsps per 8 0z squeeze bottle with 1/2 the bottle of hot water, and 1/2 vinegar. The Jacquard I mixed 1 tps per 8 oz squeeze bottle with 1/2 the bottle of hot water and 1/2 vinegar.

I used 2 bottle of the gold, and saturated the presoaked wool fiber. It's about 9 ozs of fiber. Same as before, I sectioned the wool into 3 foot strips, and rolled into loose balls so I could handle them better.

I then took my chestnut, and my fire red, and randomly squeezed the dye. I didn't even use 1/2 a bottle of the dyes, I was trying not to over saturate with these colors, I'm trying a marble look, not to make mud. After 1 1/2 hours in the crock pot on high, (It took up the dye really quick. I knew it was done because the water was clear.) I removed my balls of fiber into the sink to cool. I rinsed in room temp water as before.
Here's my fiber all dyed up and drying! Note here...the first time I dyed, I thought I had felted the fiber. It wasn't felted, but just compacted from the dye process. I pulled the fiber gentle from the sides to loosen it back up, and fluff it up. It was fine! So if your fiber compacts during the process, don't freak.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crock Pot Dyeing!

This is my first crock pot dye job.
1st I took 9 ozs of wool and presoaked in a sink of hot water for 30 mins. I broke the fiber up into sections and wound them into loose balls to make handling easier. While this was soaking, I boiled 12 cups of water and added it first to the crock pot. To that I added 1 1/2 cup of vinegar and 6 tsps of Country Classics acid dye that I purchased at . The color is Raven. After gently draining fiber, I added it to the dye pot.

After 3 hours on high, the water is clear and I removed the fiber to cool. If you notice, the water left is clear. The dye has absorbed into the fiber.

I placed the cooled fiber into a sink of room temp water to rinse. It didn't need much. (Never run water over your fiber, it'll felt!) I drained it again, gently squeezed some of the water out, and here's my fiber all dyed up and drying! The black really took, and I'm very pleased with the results and the ease of dyeing in the crock pot!

Andddd, heeeeere's Aidan! Is there anything sweeter than a baby in the tub!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Yet another wheel!

Well, I did it. I got yet another wheel. To the left the new guy, a Fricke DT folding wheel. To the right my Fidelis. Cute little guy in jammies...none other than Aidan who never misses a photo opt! I just got my Fricke in from who was so kind to send some of her yummy handpainted roving. She was kind enough to answer all my questions, and excels in custumer service! Thanks Amy! Now I have 2 great wheels to spin my little heart out! The Fricke is wonderful, and I love the ease of treddling with the double treadles. I also am loving the scotch tensioning...sweet. I still love my Fidelis, and have no intentions of parting with it, but I wanted something I could fold up and take to Yarn school in Kansas next year.

Here youcan see I already have some Llama going on it, it spins really fast! I really love the idea of having two wheels to spin on now. It'll be really handy for when I have a couple of projects going, like I already do!