Monday, June 30, 2008

Jenning Streets Yarns again!

Ok, Ok...I went Jenning Streets Yarns the other day. I couldn't help it. I really love the shop, the prices are very reasonable and Linda is just so gosh darn friendly! I remembered some Navajo Yarn there and have this Sante Fe Ruana pattern I think would be fantastic together. Sooo, here the start...yes, another project. The Navajo yarn is Churro. I really love the feel of it. It also has a great sheen. Can you believe only $8.96 for 190 yds? It's hand spun, hand dyed, and knits like a dream. If your ever in Fort Worth, you just have to visit Linda. She's awesome. She did, as always, bent over backwards to help me my selection, laying all the different colors out for me to compare, and helped me decide on what colors would look good together. (The photo colors are a bit distorted.) She's never pushy, just helpful. She even happily wound every skein without my asking, then wrapped my purchase carefully in tissue. It really impresses me that she is friendly to my rambunctious 18 month old grandson. While we don't let him throw yarn balls around, he's still quite loud and full of life. She amused him with peekaboo as she happily wound my yarn. He really likes her. You know, my dad always told me that if a baby likes someone, they're usually pretty good people.
Anyway, the Sweet Dreams Throw continues to grow. I have the first of five rows well on its way, about 3 feet long. It's so soft, Aidan loves to pet it. I have a feeling the little guy is going to rob me of it when it's done. He loves soft cuddly things. Anyway, I'm liking the Fibonacci Number Twist. I decided on combinations totaling 34, which can be 34. 13,21. 13,8,13. for the
color changes. That's clear as mud, right. I'll put it in more detail after I finish. I can see it in my head, and I think it will be exactly as I imagine. (Yes, I'm different...always have been.) The throw is my mindless knitting thing. It goes with me when I go out and know I'll have somewhere to wait. It parks beside me when I'm trying to knit and watch tv. I'm alternating between the 3 projects so I work on all projects every week. Mostly on my nights off. It's nearly 4:30 am, and I am wide awake! (Forever stuck on night shift!) I'm still working on the Mohair shawl as well. I figure to give it a serious workout tommorrow night if I don't get called in.
Went to Joe's Crab Shack today with 2 of my girls. The bucket of crab actually looks like what they advertise on TV. It was really yummy. We also got to watch them dance to Carwash. Dinner and a show...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mohair Fan and Feather Stole update.

Well, the Mohair Fan and Feather Stole suffered a bit of a set back. I lost count of the rows and just about frogged the whole thing. Yeah, Yeah...patience is virtue. The person that came up with that didn't try to frog back 5 rows of Mohair and then figure out just where the heck in the pattern your at. I was mad at it and refused to pick it back up until today. Now thanks to a chart I made on graph paper, I now check off the rows and know just where I'm at. I'm normally not such a scatter brain, but then there's Aidan... In the first picture you'll notice Aidan is wearing said stole in Superbaby fashion. While I'll admit originally it was Nana's idea, well, he liked wearing it and didn't want to give it back. Notice the disgruntled look on his face as Nana is begging him to let her have it back now! Anyway , I can now keep up with it better thanks to the chart, especially with a 17 month old who interupts my knitting everyso often for various requests. (He thinks Nana should focus on him and his new truck!)
I still think the mohair is strange stuff. It feels and looks more dense than what you would think from the skinny little thread nestled inside of all that fuzz. It just amazes me. It's now finally back on track and growing. I'm half way through the second ball of yarn now and by the time it's finished, it'll be about 70 inches x 24 inches. Not a bad size for a stole. It'll be for a gift, if I can part myself from it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Aidan's first Playdate and Fibonacci.

Yesterday was Aidan's first official playdate with a group from Oh the fun he had! It was at a waterpark in Arlington. He was a bit scared at first, but after a while, he was running with all the other kids. Now just look at that little face! He had so much fun! I have enjoyed my vacation time with him. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than spend it with my Aidan. Yes,
Aidan and knitting...the perfect vacation!
Nana took the time to knit on her Sweet Dreams Throw with the Fibonacci Numbers variation. Ah Fibonacci! I can't make up my mind if he was truly a genius, or maybe just neurotic. I'm using the Fibonacci numbers 5,8,13,21,34,&55 for the color changes. Now comes the big decision ... randon or patterned. That's still in the deciding stage. I love knitting this though. No pattern changes, just plain ole mindless knitting. Knitting the throw in longs strips makes it totally portable to playdates. I'm using Knit Picks Suri Dream, and it's really a dream to knit with. So soft, so light. It's so cuddly. Knit Picks really out did theirselves with this yarn. I'll wait until it grows a bit more to post a pic.