Wednesday, April 14, 2010

But I HAVE been productive!!!!

Ok, it's been a while...but I have been productive! Do you remember my post about the hand combs? I had wished the tines were spaced closer together? Well, wish granted! My friend Beth at has a talented husband,Eric, that makes these perfect hand combs! They are ergonomic, light, and the stainless steel tines are spaced just the perfect distance to make combing the most vmish fiber a snap! It whups the vm right out of your fleece and I just couldn't be happier!I think they're beautiful too!

This is some Rambouillet fleece I just got in. The fiber is very fine and full of vm! The worst I've dealt with yet! But the fiber is soooooo soft, and I really love it! I want to save this fleece!
After a couple of passess on my new hand combs, just see the difference! Now this fiber is spinable, blendable and yummy! The finely spaced tines separate the locks better and allow all the nasty vm to fall out. (Good thing too...I have 6 lbs of this fleece!)
I know it's hard to tell from this pic, but consider all this fiber is covering the foot of my twin bed! All this fiber is processed with Eric's handcombs and is ready for spinning! We have the corriendale, montedale, targhee merino, and then some blends of targhee merino/yak/angora, and corriendale/angora that I carded into rollrags. Yeah, it's alot, and there was a lot more too! I didn't feel like dragging it all out. Isn't it amazing what you can get done watching TV or watching the grandkids outside!

Oh, but that's not all! The montadale I was spinninng on my new she is! 200 yards of worsted fingering weight navajo plied sock yarn! It's really sproingy too. (Yeah, I have a few pounds of that too! I forsee a lot of sock yarn in my future!)

This next yarn I spun from the batt Beth sent me on a swap. 150 yards of worsted finger weight navajo plied yarn that will definitely be some leggings for Ms Addi! Yummy! It really sparkles!

Right now I have been spinning on some merino lamb/angora mixed roving I bought at a spinning shop. I love the little nubs and it's going to ply into some really tweedy yarn!

And finally, just to let ya'll know I really do Trendsetter Felted Clogs are almost done! I can't wait to felt these in the washer! Just have to finish the bottom of one clog.
And there you have it! See....I was being productive all along!