Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Crock Pot Dyeing!

Ok, this time I won't go into so much detail. I did a multi color dye in the crock pot. I used Country Classics acid dye in gold and chestnut, and Jacquard's acid dye in fire red. I mixed the Country classics at 2 tsps per 8 0z squeeze bottle with 1/2 the bottle of hot water, and 1/2 vinegar. The Jacquard I mixed 1 tps per 8 oz squeeze bottle with 1/2 the bottle of hot water and 1/2 vinegar.

I used 2 bottle of the gold, and saturated the presoaked wool fiber. It's about 9 ozs of fiber. Same as before, I sectioned the wool into 3 foot strips, and rolled into loose balls so I could handle them better.

I then took my chestnut, and my fire red, and randomly squeezed the dye. I didn't even use 1/2 a bottle of the dyes, I was trying not to over saturate with these colors, I'm trying a marble look, not to make mud. After 1 1/2 hours in the crock pot on high, (It took up the dye really quick. I knew it was done because the water was clear.) I removed my balls of fiber into the sink to cool. I rinsed in room temp water as before.
Here's my fiber all dyed up and drying! Note here...the first time I dyed, I thought I had felted the fiber. It wasn't felted, but just compacted from the dye process. I pulled the fiber gentle from the sides to loosen it back up, and fluff it up. It was fine! So if your fiber compacts during the process, don't freak.

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