Monday, June 28, 2010

Splatter Batts and Alpaca!

The idea struck me one day...if you can hand paint roving, why not batts? So I started by presoaking a batt and gently draining it in a strainer. I rolled it out on a cookie sheet covered with saran wrap.
I then took some syringes filled with dye mixed with some vinegar, and splattered the batt. (I was a bit heavy handed with the dye. Next time I'll be more sparing.)

I then rolled up my batts and steam baked them at 170 degrees for around an hour.

Then I rolled out the batts, and let them dry. Waaa Lah! Splatter batts! Love them! They remind me of tyedye. Next time I will not roll them up, it disarranges the splatters. I'll just leave them out flat on the cookie sheet. Need to pick up some more cookie sheets at Goodwill!

Next up is the absolutely yummy Cria Fleece I got from Linda at . It's buttery soft and Linda is a doll to work with!
Look how gorgeous this fleece is and how crimpy! I'm going to enjoy spinning this up for sure!

Here's a lock all combed out, pretty nice staple length too! I loved the way Linda packed this fleece. It was rolled up in a big sheet of plastic, so you could unroll it and it maintained it's structure. It's easier to work with this way.
Ok...I have more to post yet! Stay tuned!


Heidi said...

Wow, I turn my back for a bit and you're posting posting posting!

How do you find time to do all you do? Oh yeah, you spin at Denny's - ha!

(The word for the word verification doesn't show up until you fill in all the other info; then it shows and tells you to try again.)

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

LOL...there you are Heidi!!!

Yup...I've been busy posting and I have some more to post about later too!