Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Hitch Hiker Wheel is Here!

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!!!! My new Hitch Hiker Spinning Wheel from Beth at . As you can see, I wasted no time testing her out. I admit it took a bit of getting used to the heel/toe treadling, as well as going from a double treadle back to a single treadle, but it was a minor adjustment. It's not a bad spin at all, and at 9lbs, I can haul it all over the place. I've spun at Denny's yesterday while waiting for breakfast. ( The kids think I'm nuts...I am!) Now how to best decorate my little wheel....paint? Woodburning? Both?
Koi fish? Cherry blossoms? Maneki Neko???? I'm still undecided!

Batts!!! Count them! Eight yummy batts from my Corriendale all ready to spin into some yummy yarn! (And another pound to go! Man, a whole fleece is a lot of wool!!!) This is the wool I ran through my picker. I've discovered that you can't get smooth batts with a picker. It's opens up the locks, but doesn't remove second cuts that cause the nepps. The batts are neppy, but that's okay. Never underestimate an neppy batt. It can make some really nice textured yarn. The Fancy Kitty Drumcarder has been working overtime. As you can see from the next pic!

Shetland! My friend Monica sent me some yummy Shetland after I made the comment I'd always wanted to try some. Elizabeth Zimmerman was always going on about the virtues of Shetland. I used my hand combs on the locks to get smooth batts. (No nepps!) Hand combs remove the second cuts, as well as VM. (We've talked about this in other posts.) Below is the pile of combed shetland ready to run through the Kitty Drumcarder. Yummy stuff!

I wasn't able to take pics of the other batts I've made, but they're coming up next when I can take pics during the day. (The flash just makes it impossible to get the right color.) Stay tuned!


ChelleC said...

Congrats on your Hitchhiker, Mary. I bought mine about a month or so ago and love mine too. Next I'd like to get one of Beth's padded bags. I also have the Delta Flyer that Dave just made and used it this weekend when I went to the festival in Bethel. It worked great!

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thanks ChelleC. I've been thrilled with the Hitch Hiker! It's just so kewl to be able to take a wheel where ever I want to go. I get more spinning done on it than I do the Symphony simply for that reason! I thought about one of Beth's padded bags, but I've found I just pick it up by the handle and go. I don't even bother taking the flyer off. Haven't had any problems with it.