Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Stuff to Come!

Once again it's been awhile since I've blogged! I've got so many things to take pics of, just need some time off to do it! We're learning a new charting system at work and it's a brain fryer for sure!
On the fiber front, I have new tools to take pics of. First, Beth hooked me up with one of Eric's blending hackles. It is absolutley awesome and I'll be taking pics of it with some fiber I blended on it and pulled off into roving. It's just as nice as the hand combs Eric made, he really does an outstanding job of making these tools.

I've finally got a picker too. It's a Lil' Dynamo Picker. It does alright, but I'm afraid it's like my first set of handcombs. The points are just space too far apart to do a really good job and it takes several times to separate the locks on the fleece. It doesn't do a very good job at all on fine fleece like rambouillet. I'm thinking of adding more points to see if it'll help.

Then I have a cute little wheel coming in. It's a Hitch Hiker from Merlin Tree. Beth became a dealor and I ordered one. I have been wanting a little wheel that would be portable enough to take to outtings at the mall. I can't wait to spin on it!

I have some alpaca coming in . One is Cria, and I'm very excited! Both are gold tone like Vicuna. Very pretty! I also have been washing some Cheviot a friend gifted me with. I meet Barbara at the little spinners/knitters group I go to from time to time. She gave me two whole fleece! Then my Rav friend Monica gave me some Shetland! (I've been wanting to try shetland for a long time. Elizabeth Zimmerman is always going on about shetland!)

So there you have it! I've got batts I've made up to show and Addi's leggings are almost done. I promised to take pics and have a better blog next time!

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