Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ok, so I'm fickle!

Ok, regarding the Mystic Light KAL and my yarn choice. To your left, my swatch in Bamboo. I went down a needle size and I'm really loving how it looks. To your right, my yummy mohair I just purchased. Well, I love the way the drop stiches look in mohair, the fuzziness of it all, but I wasn't happy with the way the cables turned out. The cables get lost in the fuzz. Notice they are in the same colorway? Yeah, I am a creature of habit. I really love the colors. Anyway, after buying all that mohair, I love the bamboo after all. Will I return the Mohair? No way! I really love it and I will just find something else to do with it. I have 720 yards of it, I'll figure out something! Something lacy, and definitely a shawl. Anyone with a good idea, let me know.

This KAL has really been a challenge. I'm learning to read a chart, and this is my first cable stitch ever! Notice I didn't say how many times I frogged it? Let's just say it was a few times and leave it at that. For the shawl, I am definitely using a bunch of life lines. (Also why I'm not using the mohair, I've discovered Mohair is not frog friendly.) I'm not a real experienced knitter I admit, but no guts, no glory. I am determined to complete this KAL!


PaiviP said...

Your swatch looks lovely! But in this pattern the bamboo looks better:) About the Mohair: I knitted Kevat shawl from Ziina. I used Kitten Mohair and I love it! You find it from Ravelry patterns. Or Kiri, quite traditional shawl:)

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

I agree! I looked at the Kevat Shawl and the Ziina Shawl. I can't make up my mind yet, but I definitely fav'd them. Thanks for the tip and the comment!

Anonymous said...

I actually love both - the detailing doesn't show up as much in the mohair, but it still has a beautiful lacy look.

Very pretty!


Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Hi Susan,
I didn't know the mohair would knit up this way.I simply love it! I found a Fan and Feather Wrap pattern on Knit Picks, and I started it yesterday.It's really coming out gorgeous! I'll post pics later.