Friday, March 14, 2008

Mohair Fan and Feather Stole started.

Ok, I found a neat pattern in Knit Picks for the Fan and Feather Stole for the mohair I bought at Jennings Street Yarns. Nice this is really a nice easy pattern! Only one row you really have to think about. The 1st,2nd,and 4th row is either knit or purl straight across. The 3rd row that you have to think about is really an easy pattern that you can remember without carrying the instructions around. What do you think? I love, love the colors. Is it for me, or shall I gift it? I'm hoping I have enough yarn to do two maybe? I love fuzzy Mohair, it's soooo pretty! I have some Suri dreams from knit picks that almost looks like mohair, but much softer. I'm thinking about doing an afghan in the same pattern for my bed. I love knitting, so many yarns, so many patterns!

Ok, I'm am neglecting my Clapotis. But only a little. See, it's growing! I'm a Gemini, I get bored easy. Ahh, but I'll finish it, I am determined! I know I'm not the only one with a pile of ufo's, from what I understand, it's part of the knitting disease. UFOs, growing yarn stash. Yes, I am becoming a knitting addict!


Jknits said...

Welcome to the Loose Knits Group - it's a motivating bunch.
Have you seen the Fashionably Late in '08 Clapotis group? Your's looks great.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Hi jknits,
Thanks for the warm welcome!I haven't seen the Fashionalby Late in '08 Clapotis group, but will
be sure to go look. I can't wait to get mine finished. This project is definitely for me and I can't wait to wear it.