Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today is World Wide Spin In Public Day!!! YIPEE!!! I did my part, I met Jerry, Barbara, and the girls. We spun in Borders in Arlington, Texas!!! I didn't take Forgot the camera! I really hate that. So you'll have to forgive a short little blog with no pics. Mr.Aiden went with me. He was such a good boy the whole time! He has a new Leapster 2 with Thomas the Train and was busy with it. Meanwhile, Nana is busy spinning this batt up...
Cheviot, dyed black with silk thrums, black firestar, and irridescent blue angelina. The pic doesn't do it justice at all, you just can't capture angelina and firestar very well, and the flash washes out the black color.
I plan to make a bulky weight yarn to do a Off to the Races scarf pattern by my friend Patricia Bishop. We're doing a knit a long in the Fancy Kitty Lover's group on Ravelry. I plan to ply the black singles with mutlicolored recycled sari silk. It should be yummy! I've been spinning on my Hitch Hiker wheel, and I really love the little wheel. I just haul it everywhere!

I got a new book, 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats by Annie Modesitt. The book features pics of 1000 hats, and the patterns of the top 10 hats judged. It's insipiring and gives you a lot of ideas. I found about 20 hats so far that are on my must do list!

I am making good progress on Aiden's socks. I'm in the middle of turning the heel and plan to finish the heel before work tomorrow. (I'm really pushing that 2 week challenge, huh?)

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