Monday, August 30, 2010

Standing up and being strong...Life goes on.

Sometimes standing back up after life knocks you down isn't easy. I don't think anything has ever hurt so bad as losing Averie. His death was hard for me to understand. He was strong and healthy. He went to sleep, and he just didn't wake up. There's no one to fault, no one to blame. It was SIDS. For whatever reason the Lord decided to take my angel home, I have accepted the Lord's will. We are all standing strong now, and focusing on remembering Averie, and never letting his memory die. Angela has taken to scrapbooking, and thanks to her friends at the whattoexpect group, who have gifted her supplies, she has enough to keep her busy for a while. Me? I've just been spinning and knitting. I'm think I'm finally strong enough to start Averie's memory quilt.

Averie's passing has shown us there is still a lot of good folks out there, full of love and kindness that knows no bounderies. Some of my friend's on Ravelry sent me a Mary's Hugs blanket that they all spun and knit. It's beautiful and cherished by both me and Angela.
A very special thanks to Beth, Rav ID Bluemtnhandcrafts , for organizing and sewing all the blocks together. It was so thoughtful, and kind of you!
Thanks to all the contributers to the blankie...
Beth aka Bluemtnhandcrafts, Lydia aka Dakotarose, Monica aka Monica48, Aimee aka zookeeper74 and her sister Lauren, Carla aka Carlacritt, Channon aka chanknits, Candy aka Icandyarn, Diane aka DDKA, Paula aka Piglette, Jessica aka naturallyknitty, Donna aka TuttleDB, Linda aka Pacadoodle, Anita aka yarndemon, and Lori aka blushingewe.

I have finished some spinning....

Here's 236 yards of 2 ply fingering weight wool/milk fiber blend spun from a batt I got in a swap from Lori. I love her batts! She has an etsy shop, BlushingEwe.

Then there's the shetland my friend Monica sent me. 150 yards 2 ply lace weight. I have some more shetland I plan to spin to go with it. I want to knit a smoke ring with it.

Finally....LOOK!!! My first sock!!! (Now I just need to finish the other!). It's a toe up pattern and it fits Aidan perfectly! My personal goal is to finish 2nd sock in 2 weeks, and post a pic with Aidan in said socks! If not, ya'll can call me on it!


bluemtnBeth said...

You are quite welcome Mary, we were happy to be able to send you a little love :) Your spinning looks fabulous as always and you did an awesome job on that sock!!! Can't wait to see of pic of Aidan wearing the set ;)

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thanks Beth! You'd be amazed how comforting that blankie is! Aidan loves to get under it too!

I'm kinda of proud of the yarn I made from Lori. It's my best, most consistent fingering weight yet. I spun it up on my Hitch Hiker that I got from you. Fixing to start on some Camel/silk blend!

LOL... I'm determined to finish Aidan's socks! I kept notes this time time and marked every ten rows so I can duplicate it!

Anita said...

You are so welcome Mary! I just wish we could have done more for you & your family.
Your new yarn is just gorgeous! And I love Aidan's little sock, too cute. :)

DakotaRose said...

You are most welcome. I thought it was a great way to let you know we were thinking about you and beings it was not possible to be there to give you a hug and a shoulder at least I could help with the blanket square.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thanks Lydia! It's so neat to touch each block and think of the warm wishes and love behind each one. I've never recieved anything like this and I really cherish it a lot!