Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Secret Desires!

Ah, the object of my new affection! A Fidelis spinning wheel by . I have decided that I just simply must have one. I've been studying all the different wheels, and wow! They are expensive! This one is under 2oo$, and has all the features I want. Large bobbins, Irish tensioning, good spinning ratios, and it's solid unlike some wobbly/jerky pvc models I've seen. It's through the same family owned, American made company that made my Little Meggie kick spindle.

While I love my kick spindle, and will always love my kick spindle...alas, she just doesn't spin fast enough by the time you have to stop and unhook your yarn, wind it onto the spindle, and then hook your yarn again. Very time consuming. With about 3lbs of combed top left to spin, and future fiber purchases, I need speed!

After knitting my very own hand-dyed,handspun BFL has taken yarn snobbery to a new height! No longer do I look at pretty's fibers now that fascinate me. The thought of taking a puff of plain fiber, coloring it, and spinning it into a yarn of your design/choice... awesome! I now know how Michaelangelo felt as he completed the Sistine Chapel. Being able to spin your own yarn is like a painter having all the brushes, and all the paints he could ever want. It like being complete as a knitter. You have every color, every fiber available to your artistic desires.


Jennifer said...

Great how you jumped right in with a whole pound and dyed it youself. The scarf is coming out nicely. Hope you like your wheel and that it arrives quickly.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I just did a lb of merino too. I'll have to post some pics of it next.
I finished the scarf and I love the pattern. I'll probably use this pattern with the merino as well. I have 4 daughters to make one for!
The wheel came in and I definitely will be blogging about it. I LOVE IT! I spun up 140 yards of the merino in no time! Yep! I am addicted!