Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MIA-Missing in Action!

Sorry, sorry. I have no excuse except the changes in life. Let's face it. I'm 50, and as the hormones fade, the depression sets in. I've had a nice visit to the doc, got put on Lexapro, blood pressure meds and am starting to feel like my old self again. So I'll be posting again soon!

I have lots to share! I've reorganized my craft room and now have two new knitting machines! A Brother KH 260 and a Brother KH 940. I can do both bulky yarns and fine. The best of both worlds. The 940 is computerized and and the 260 is punch card. The kind lady who sold me the machines threw in large sums of coned yarn, books, videos and machine knitting magazines. It was such a large haul that I had to rearrange everything to accomandate it all and I'm still not done. I've been reading the manuals, did a bit of swatching, and am fixing to start my first machine knit project! A shawl for starters. I want to do sweaters eventually. It never gets really cold enough in Central Texas for a heavy coat, but a heavy sweater is just right. My personel goals are to make some nice sweater coats for me and mine. Especially Addy. I envision her in a princess style sweater coat complete with large oversized hood and cinch in back. It will have to be pink. She just doesn't care for any other color. If it's pink, it's a hit with her.

I won't be giving up on hand knitting though. Especially for a portable project. I have actually complete some fingerless gloves for the DDs, but they got away prior to my taking a pic. As soon as I can manage, I will catch them to take a pic. They were a very simple ribbed pattern, but I think they are adorable. Why I didn't make myself a pair? Now that it's warm, I won't need them, but I plan to make some for myself to put up for next winter.

The only pic I have right now is a pic of my new dog, Babette. My poodle. She is an apricot, but my DD dyed her pink with food coloring! Now I have to wait for it to fade, it won't wash out! She's still awefully cute! She is just the most loving pup and we adore her!


Anita said...

The whole hormone thing sucks doesn't it? GAH!

Congrats on the new knitting machines! I can't wait to see Addie's pink sweater coat. :)

Awww, Babette is adorable, pink & all.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Hey Anita!
Yes, the hormone thing is just aweful! Too much, too little...crazy ole hormones!! At least I won't miss Aunt Flo's monthly visit!

Yeppers, love the new knitting machines! Made a very long Fair Isle scarf in a couple of hours, rather than the year it would have took me to hand knit it!

Babette is the bestest little poodle, just full of puppy love!