Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dearest Averie...

Dearest Averie,
I'm missing you tonight. Your little face isn't here to brighten my day. My arms are empty, and those bright blue eyes aren't looking up at me with their little sheepish smile. I still see you everywhere...pulling up on the couch, bouncing on the floor over a new discovery, and your eyes brightening up when your Momma smiles at you. Your momma once told me, " Ma...isn't he the most beautiful baby ever? Can you believe I had this incredible, gorgeous baby?". And she was just the proudest Mommie ever. It's hard, son, hard to find words to comfort her and console her. She misses you just so much. We all do. I'm trying really hard to be strong for her. I cry for you in the dark, when no one is around.

Huggies, baby boy! Your not forgotton, not unloved. I say your name everyday and pray the Lord kisses you for me everynight. I love you forever Averie!


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