Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lagging Behind!

Ok, Ok...I've been slacking off. I admit it! But seriously...2 toddlers running full blast through your house tends to dampen the creative spirit. I think that they are secretly gremlins or at least part gremlin. I have proof....for the past 2 weeks I've been battling stopped up toilets. One toilet had a sample bottle of shampoo down it. (It took a plumbers snake and plunger to retrieve it...that and a few choice words.) The other toilet....I just don't have a clue. Yeah...I'm going to have to call a plumber out...sigh.
On the brighter note....Look, new Fleece! I went to a spinning group and a new friend turned me onto her fleece source! The White is Columbian, the Chocolate is Montadale, and the grey is Montedale. LOOK....Look really close! NO VM!!! That's right, almost's miniscule.
These were coated fleece and so clean, they only needed one wash and 2 rinses to come totally clean! (Mind you, I've only done up a very small amount...there's almost 20lbs of fleece to go!) Hey...I'm in Heaven! This stuff is extra sproingy and will make the most incredible sock yarn every! Stay tuned!

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