Monday, August 3, 2009

Jacob Fleeces

I picked up two Jacob fleeces last week. Boy, are they ever full of VM(vegatable matter). Which is a royal pain to pick out. The wool is very soft though, and I think they'll be worth the effort.(I hope!)
I first tried to comb out some of the VM prior to washing....nope, the lanolin makes the VM stick to the fibers worse I think. So I filled the tub with hot water,
Dawn detergent, and Woolite. I let them
soak until the hot water got cold, drain,
and rinsed with hot water again. I was
really careful not to aggitate the fiber.
They both came out pretty clean after one wash and one rinse. After draping the fleece on a clothes rack and allowed to dry, I found that the VM combed out much easier. Hopefully my next blog will be of my progress on the fleeces. It may be a while, because it really is a lot of work! I really love Jacob though! The lady I got the fleeces from let me come out and take Aidan and Addi to meet the sheep. Aidan was afraid, but Addi fed them Wheat Thins. (Nana forgot her camera too!!!) Oh well, maybe next year, if the VM doesn't scare me off. I paid $25 for each fleece, and they weren't skirted. The VM is excessive, and I'll wind up losing about half of each 6lb fleece. If I manage to get 5lb of fiber from both fleeces, at 10$ a lb, it's not much of a bargain when I can get processed fiber 16$ a lb. (It would save me weeks of work!) But, I got them for the experience of taking a raw fleece to finish, so there you have it!


Heidi said...

What a huge amount of work! Me, I like to go online, click on my favorite undyed yarn, and have it delivered on a lovely cone. Why yes, that does make me sound lazy in comparison...

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Hi Heidi!
LOL...yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment? Really it's not that bad. I kick back as I watch TV and comb, pick and card. I've got about 8 ozs of really soft white fluff so far. It'll go by a lot quicker when I get it picked out enough to throw on my drum carder.

I haven't bought yarn in long time. I'm finally getting where I can spin up pretty much what I want. I don't get as much knitting done though.

Heidi said...

That's a little ironic--too busy picking and spinning to knit! Glad you're enjoying it so much.