Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Spindles!

I have actually been productive. First is the batts I made from the silk/wool that I got in a swap from Carole at I navajo plied it and have 150 yards of 8 wpi so far. Still have half of the batts I carded up to go. Then there's the red fiber I dyed from Sheep Shed. I navajo plied this as well and have 200 yards of a nice fingering weight yarn that eventually will be a shawl. Then there's the green cotswold locks I carded up and plan to ply with tiny locks to make Aidan a monster hat. Hmmmm....need more spindles???? Well....

This is a Flutterberries by . It has just as sweet of a spin as my Kunderts. Ed custum made this one for me after I had admired a yellow one he had made. Thanks Ed!!! I love it!

Check it out! My Bosworth spindles from came in! A Tasmanian Rose Myrtle maxi, a Canarywood midi, and a Bloodwood mini. I've heard everyone on the spinning groups on Ravelry rave about these and just let me say.....IT"S ALL TRUE!!! These babies spin forever! If you could only buy one spindle....make it a Bossie! Seriously. Standing up with my hands over my head and it's still spinning just as fast as when I first flicked it off my thigh. I've heard them called little whirlwinds, and it's justifiable! Just in time for my birthday tommorrow! Happy Birthday to me!


Heidi said...

[Ahem. Mi mi mi...]

Wishing you a wonderful day and a wonderful year!

The batts look so shimmery. I'm in dyeing heaven, figuring out all kinds of things!

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Thank you Heidi! I had a great birthday! The spindles spin like a dream and my daughters took me to dinner at Joe's! We had so much fun, and dinner was yummy!

Glad your having a blast dyeing!

Eve said...

Oh wow, yours is the one I had Ed do mine from. I have the same colored one. Love that Flutterby spindle. Is my currant favorite.

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Hi Eve!
Yes, I love the Flutterby spindles. Ed does a great job!